Newly appointed Minister of Internal Affairs - Hon. David M. Panda-Noah (4th from left) on Thursday 11th June, 2020 visited the IPCB
Cutting of the tape by Mr. Bai Thuray, Provincial Secretary, North West Region
Front view of the IPCB North - West Region office

About IPCB

Welcome To IPCB

The Independent Police Complaints Board of Sierra Leone (IPCB-SL) is an independent civilian oversight mechanism with a unique mandate within the security sector in that it not only receives and investigates complaints from the public, but that it also advises the leadership of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) on matters it thinks may create problems in the future as provided for in Section 3 (1 & 2) of the IPCB Regulations, 2013.

Corporate Ethos of the IPCB

The enactment of the Regulations creating the IPCB represents an important milestone in the process of reforming the security sector in Sierra Leone.


The IPCB exists to ensure that the Sierra Leone Police is responsive to the needs and concerns of the people of Sierra Leone, which it serves.


The IPCB's mission is to build public trust and confidence in the Sierra Leone Police by seeking to establish the truth, determining fact, and ensuring that justice can prevail.

Guiding Principles

In line with the IPCB's Vision and Mission which consist in its statutory oversight functions, the actions of the IPCB are based on the following guiding principles:-  Integrity,  Justice and Respect for Human Rights,  Independence,  Transparency and Impartiality,  and Responsiveness.

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