“IPCB has the Mandate to Receive and Investigate Complaints About Police Personnel”-Val Collier

The Chairman of the Independent Police Complaints Board (IPCB), Valentine T. Collier has said that the IPCB has the mandate to receive and investigate complaints about personnel of the Sierra Leone Police, ensuring ‘just policing’ in partnership with the people.

Mr. Collier was on Sunday 18th October, 2015 educating the people of Mile 91 and its environs on Radio Gbafth 91.0 FM on the mandate, functions and core values of the institution.

He said section 3 of the Independent Police Complaints Board Regulations, 2013, gives the Board the mandate to investigate complaints about potential police abuses against civilians, including deaths in police custody; fatal police vehicle accidents; the excessive use of force involving injury or death; allegations of misconduct involving an officer of the rank of Superintendent or higher and the use of firearms by police officers.

He informed the people that the IPCB is people-centred and will serve as the bridge between them and the police in strengthening the relationship between the two groups.

The Chairman disclosed that the Board has recently held a two-day Multi Agency Workshop for strategic partners and a Media Facilitation Event organized for media practitioners, adding that the aim of the events were to educate the populace about the mandate, functions and core values of the IPCB and create good working relationships with the participants drawn from all over the country.

He said the Government of Sierra Leone will on Tuesday 20th October, 2015 formally launch the Board, maintaining that subsequent launches will take place in Bo, Kenema and Makeni Cities for the Regions.

This move, taking IPCB to the people through radio discussion programmes and Focus Group Engagements will be replicated in other areas throughout the country.