Frequently Asked Questions


Q:    Does any of the Services of the IPCB require the payment of fees?

A:  No! The services of the IPCB are free; there is no cost to pay or fees involved.


Q:  Are any of the IPCB staff police officers/personnel?

A:   None of IPCB staff members are current members of the Sierra Leone (SLP).


Q:  Will my complaint be published or released to the public?

A:  All complaints are treated in confidence, except where the law provides for disclosure or during a public enquiry/hearing.


Q:  Are the IPCB Investigations and Hearings conducted publicly?

A:  Some Complaints can be resolved without hearings and others will be resolved through thorough investigations. The IPCB can also conduct public hearings in order to provide public access to the proceedings and trust in the process. However, if necessary, the IPCB can hold/conduct hearings in private, to protect witnesses.


Q:  Does the IPCB receive and act on anonymous complaints?

A:  Yes, but with much caution; such complaints must not be trivial, frivolous or vexatious.


 Q:  Why does Sierra Leone need an independent oversight of the police?

A:  Independent oversight matters to the community.  Independent civilian oversight of the   police provides assurance for both members of the public and police officers that complaints against the police will be investigated thoroughly and impartially.


 Q:   What are the tangible benefits to the community?

 A:  Independent police oversight, protects citizens against abuses of police powers including the use of excessive force and provides a way for the public to hold the police accountable. It also exposes any police misconduct or wrongdoing and encourages discipline and professionalism within the police.


 Q:  Will the IPCB address my complaint?

A:  The IPCB is committed to providing the highest possible standard of client               service, but is aware that sometimes things may go wrong. The IPCB will listen to your complaint and endeavour to resolve issues quickly and do its best to put things right, as soon as possible.