Meet Our Staff

Emerlin George
Board Secretary

A Chartered Secretary. In charge of the Secretariat of the Board and Vote Controller. Maintains general responsibility for the management and administration of the Board, including all Board activities and Board meetings. Ensuring compliance with all policies and administrative guidelines. Maintains budget oversight and ensures effective and efficient use of Board resources.

Rashid Kabba
Complaints Handling Officer

Development Planner and Research practitioner with previous countrywide work experience in community development and advocacy in human rights both with public and private sector. In charge of Complaints Management; ensuring that the IPCB's complaints handling system is responsive to complainants

Amadu Femoh Sesay
Communications Officer

With professional training in Journalism & Public Relations, he is charged with the responsibility for the development and implementation of an effective communications programme / strategy for the Board. Develop, maintain and manage media relationships and media interactions; communicating the range and diversity of the IPCB's activities to all stakeholders and to the general public.

Daniel Bassie
Administrative Assistant
Vandy Bawoh
Outreach Officer - Eastern Region
Mustapha Musa
Outreach Officer - Southern Region
Joseph Sesay
Outreach Officer - Norther Region
Sylvia Ayodele Clarke
Accounting Assistant
Terrence Edward Williams